Lucy (Eve)


Lucy is a Thysus mage. Her title is: Disciple of Life.
She has Life (ooo), Spirit (oo) and Forces (o). Her powers focus on the natural world and healing. Lucy’s Nimbus is the faint scent of rosemary and mint, and those who smell it get a feeling of focus and calm. Lucy keeps her Life Mage sight active, allowing her to see the Patterns of all living beings around her. She also uses her Life magic to thicken her skin, harden her bone and sharpen her reflexes, giving her Defense and Armour 3.
Lucy has reddish-blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s tall, fit (Athletics oo, Fast Reflexes o) and quite pretty (Striking Looks oo).
Lucy’s a Nurse (Medicine oooo, Specialization: Emergency Care), having completed her education and placement just before her Awakening (Academics o, Science o, Computer o, Resources o, Status [medical] oo). She also sometimes helps out at her father’s veterinary clinic (Animal Ken ooo, Specialization: Animal Needs).
Lucy’s first years in school were her favorite. She was top of the class, popular and on the road to success.Even after she joined the Gifted classes she already knew how to work her way around most social situations (Intimidation o, Persuasion o, Socialize o, Empathy o). Lucy also learned the joy and use of lying (Subterfuge ooo, Specialization: Lying). When her performance was no longer special, Lucy found other ways of distinguishing herself and often used her knowledge of animals to gain praise from felow students and friends when camping(Survival oo, Direction Sense o).


Since becoming a Mage, Lucy has begun to once again enjoy a special status. Despite having to take a break for her training, the other Nurses have noticed her remarkable ability to set bones so they heal faster (and less painfully), her talent for helping drunks sober up and the general good luck she seems to have with patients.
Lucy has a particular affinity for her magic, coming from her experience both with animals, injury and nature before she Awakened (Gnosis oo). She is gaining the ability to control more spells on herself (Stamina oo) and has begun to pick up tricks for investigating things (Investigation o) and moving quietly (Stealth o) though she prefers to leave that to M or Seph.
Recently Lucy spoke with Serendipity about the werewolves attacking Mages and found out that the pack leader was making up stories to get even with the Mage who stole his mate.

Lucy (Eve)

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