Lazarus (Sepherim)


Lazarus has given the titles:
Apprentice Of Death
Disciple Of Matter
Initiate of Mind
Master of Not Soiling Oneself.

He owns:
Many of the supplies needed to maintain a small art studio, including sculpting tools, paintbrushes, clay, and paints.
1 relatively old television with a new sound system
1 Laptop Computer
1 Portable hard drive containing a multitude of pirated and purchased occult films.
1 backpack that has been colonized by Mephistopholes.
embalming materials borrowed from his uncle in order to practice potential taxidermy art.
1 ratty old coach.
3 customized gasmasks.
1 pair Doc Martins boots.

On his person:
1 Cellular Telephone
1 Zune Media player
1 Incredibly condescending and sharpened wit.
1 Mephistopheles
1 Backpack:
1 Portable Hardrive
1 torn up sleeping bag. (Known as a royal cushion)
1 Novel. Being read by both mephistopheles and Lazarus
1 Portable flashlight (Brand: NuxeOn)
1 Flask
1 Wallet with ID, Debit Card, Cash
1 Swiss Army Knife
1 Disposable Camera
1 Swedish Fire Steel (
1 Tub ‘wire glue’ (
1 Zippo Hand Warmer (
1 Bag ‘Hacking Putty’ (
1 Light switch
1 bag gunpowder
1 ‘heuy the color copying chameleon’ (
1 set ‘bucky balls’


Lazarus (Sepherim)

Acatalectic, by the end. Zombizor