Ahri (Luke)




  • Car
  • Rapier, many competition rapiers (no edge) and a single ceremonial Rapier that has an interesting history
  • Apartment
  • Laptop
  • Tv
  • Game station
  • General things that an Apartment might have
  • Books of Occult (sleeper books) and even more on Prophecy

Normally on his person

  • Dice, (always!) cards, and other implements of chance
  • Ipod
  • Notebook n pencils
  • Cell
  • Press Pass
  • Wallet
  • Signet ring Packages 0694820001302133924

Physical Appearance:

Tall and Blond Ahri has the sort of face you see 10 times a day and remember none of them. A charmer smiling like he knows something you dont, Ahri walks with a confidence of a man that just “got the girl” or “made that big sale”. While he has a face that is plain if not handsome when Ahri walks up to you with anger in his eyes forgetting him becomes the next thing to impossible.

Ahri dresses practically but with style. A beat up leather jacket is almost trademark with him. While he changes depending on the situation jeans and a collared shirt would not be unlikely on him. He’s also commonly seen playing with a deck of cards or dice, a metal puzzle or the like.
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Growing up Luke faces few challenges in like. Always he was successful at anything he chose to pursue be it sports, school, or social challenges he never excelled. While caught infrequently Luke spent his childhood pushing the limits of what he could do. Learning to pick pockets and perform con jobs, cheat at cards and the like Luke got into his fair share of trouble as a youth, though probably not as much as he deserved. His little sister Merle was a plague upon his life until he moved into his own place for the last year of his journalism degree, Luke lives alone and has the solitude that he needs to keep himself balanced.

Upon awakening Ahri has learned that his fate is bound. Though as of yet he does not know to what or for what purpose. With absolute certainty of the way things are ment to go Ahri has spent a lot of his time poking at fate just to see the consequences (to the guy at work who wont share his staplers displeasure).

Ahri (Luke)

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