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  • Foucault

    True name: M(Emma) h6. And by protecting my heart truly/ I got lost in the sounds/ I hear in mind all of these voices/I hear in mind all of these sounds/I hear in my mind all of this music/And it breaks my heart - "Fidelity", Regina Spektor ! …

  • Furopius

    _Athletic man is his early twenties, in a freaking clown suit._ Cabal: [[Ear to Ear]] Order: Apostle No other mage seems to appreciate his presence.

    M (Emma) - Foucault

    *Attributes* |Intelligence 3|Strength 1|Presence 2| |Wits 3|Dexterity 3|Manipulation 4| |Resolve 2|Stamina 2|Composure 3| *Skills* |Academics 2|Athletics 1|Animal Ken 0| |Computer 2|Brawl 0|Empathy (motivations) 4| |*Crafts* 0|Drive 1| …