Acatalectic, by the end.

April 8, 2012 (jo's post)

-3 in the morning, Lazarus feels the air grow stormy and the sound of rolling thunder in the living room
-when he walks into the living room thunder bursts through the roof and hits Betty who is standing in the middle of the room with ghosts swirling around her and chanting in high speech
-we all feel a pull on our souls towards the sanctum
-Lazarus attempts to call a ghost —> the ghosts begin to swirl around him (as well as Betty) and they pull Lazarus towards the centre = Betty remains unresponsive
-now it appears that Betty is pulling on a rope that is broken with a knot of swirling magic tied to the floor where Betty is standing – the broken strands appear to be repairing themselves
-Lazarus continues to watch = when the chanting finishes Betty tugs on the rope and an ephemeral winged humanoid slowly falls to the floor (with a chain around its neck), then all of the ghosts swarm around it and then disperse almost immediately and then dematerialize
-Lazarus deduces that it is a mid ranked, guardian spirit = a 17 yr old boy with reddish brown hair and white skin (unconscious) —> he begins to fade slowly
-Lazarus looks into the twilight and sees Betty sitting on an armchair looking pleased
-she explains:

  • the angel left with the cabal that was here before us, not a familiar however
  • she claims that high speech just felt natural to her
  • not awakened? = not a sleeper
  • she claims she missed the spirit (he didn’t seem to like the others of the cabal very much), and that he will take a day or so to wake up
  • the spirit cannot leave the sanctum – a ban? = he can be called elsewhere, but Betty cannot send him away
  • the spirit never left with the other cabal

-Lazarus explains that Betty should not call in foreign ‘people’ who could call the attention of the other mages, at least no big rituals without the cabal’s permission
-Betty becoming a geist? – it has not crossed her mind
-Lazarus attempts to explain the significance of using high speech for a ritual (she calls it nonsense)
-Betty claims that she has been preparing for the ritual for weeks
-the conversation ends at an impasse

-in the morning, Foucault and Eve get an email from Lazarus from a new address (John 11:43) with a banal topic line = a transcript of the conversation with Betty
-Eve goes to work
-Foucault heads over to the sanctum
-Lazarus write a note saying that if Betty does not stop, he will get Moros mages to exorcise her
-Lazarus and Foucault shoot the shit while waiting for something to happen
-in the evening, the spirit sits up on the couch without wings = he calls Lazarus ‘master’
-he can’t remember the former cabal he was with – he offers to serve us = Lazarus tells him to contemplate how he came to be here
-the spirit remains like this for days

-Eve sees Pelax, it appears he can’t leave the presence of Garcin(?)
-he claims that mages have removed the information from him – they know he killed his former master and they know our names and the entire chain of events regarding Cadere —> the cabal is angry
-Eve sends an email from Genesis 2:18 to Foucault and Lazarus with the transcript of this discussion
-Foucault emails Eve from deathandthelabyrinth with a question mark, they decide to meet up, where Eve explains the email to Foucault and then explains the problem of Garcin and Lazarus
-Foucault calls Lazarus to come to an agreement = Garcin stays in the hotel with a book
-Eve and Foucault arrive at the sanctum – Eve questions the spirit boy (Abjamu – the servant)
-serving us is a duty and he cannot leave because of a ban?
-the spirit has influences within the area of the sanctum (4) and he can cancel magic – but in not way can this interfere with us = there is some debate about titles and spirit hierarchies
-we leave the sanctum to discuss Betty and living arrangements with Garcin
-Lazarus decides to speak to Garcin and posits exorcising Betty
-we got back to speak to Garcin —> Foucault forms a telepathic link with him – he speaks like an elcor
-Lazarus and Garcing come to an understanding (we are not hollow)
-Pelax approached Garcin in a dream, when he wakes he sees Pelax infusing abstraction and classification with smells and other senses – connects this with symbols = Pelax is grateful (his master was a hollow man) —> this is Garcin’s interpretation, it is not necessarily true to what Pelax was doing (there is an edge of malice to Pelax)
-Eve summons Pelax so we can speak to him

  • the cabal he belongs to has a way to compulse him to speak
  • Pelax = canine spirit (he travels easily through Garcin)
  • every generation since Atlantis, Cadere’s family has birthed a mage – Pelax has been passed along to one mage of each generation
  • Pelax has been to Atlantis – Lazarus wants to get this information = Pelax asks for a higher position in the canine realm in exchange (achieved by weakening the spirit of banal tricks)
  • Pelax’s cabal = business tycoons, part of the Adamantine Arrow, sanctum is at the top of an office building and connected to the underground city, 4 members including Eric (the cabal leader)
  • Eric = master of spirit, also has space (3 or 4)
  • two prime mages
  • one death/Moros mage
  • Pelax appears to be lying about the circumstances of his release = Pelax refuses to divulge further information
  • Lazarus pieces together that we are involved in a cold war with Eric’s cabal
  • Pelax suggests we call him around a different dog next time
    -Lazarus calls up Cécile Corbel (Moros, part of Scutum Fidei), asks her to meet in private
    -her place is a church, Lazarus asks her to talk elsewhere
  • we walk into an underground theatre and enter its production booth
  • terms of alliance: if they come knocking at our door they will help us, and vice versa
  • biblical book cipher to be used for our communication (through email), and phone with a code sentence = “i’m picking up a friend at a station”
  • trade information about Eric’s cabal
  • mage 1: prime 4, forces
  • mage 2: prime 4, time
  • mage 3: death 3 (corporate zombies), life = more of a businessman than a mage
  • no reason yet for a outright conflict and attack would not guarantee a victory = John’s cabal = Lazarus suggests that we may be able to change this alliance
  • we have entered a hot war
  • Pelax’s role? – how to successfully tie Cadere’s action to the cabal
  • laying down some ground work first in hope that they decide to attack us without declaring war

-and now we wait
-upon our return to the sanctum = the smell of freshly baked cookies made by Abjamu (as directed by Betty)
-Betty announces that she is okay discussing the next ritual she may perform with us, if there is a problem then, conflict may arise, however, there is no point in there being a problem now
-the hole in the roof has also been repaired by Abjamu
-the cabal agrees to these conditions and everyone moves into the Sanctum
-it is established that Garcin should eat from a plate rather than the bathtub
-Betty asks Lazarus about geists

March 31, 2012 (jo's post)

-there is extended arguing about our role in the rape victim’s pregnancy and our role and responsibility as mages in the world
-Ahri looks into the future and sees that
-in the end Eve and Foucault go speak to the woman and assure her that they are concerned for her well-being
-Ahri arranges to meet the woman at the mail —> he dispels the time spell on her womb
-as the pregnancy progresses, Eve checks on her again = upon noting her concern she suggests an ultra sound —> she explains to her that she may die during the pregnancy and that the child is deformed
-the woman opts to keep the child and Eve helps deliver it successfully with Life magic at home= child goes into intensive care shortly after its birth
-consilum = Foucault shields everyone’s emotional auras before going
-there is mention of Cadere going missing at the meeting, but our cabal behaves as if nothing has happened (?)
-at the consilum, Ahri gets a call of a bombing/explosion/accident in a children’s park = he goes there immediately and looks into the past to see the demon exploding from the ground and pushed back by The Widow and Justin without paradox
-at the end of the meeting we see ‘Asian bitch’ speaking to Atlas = Lazarus hits on her and asks her out on date —> they meet up the next night at a restaurant (Foucault storms off upset with Lazarus)
-Ahri follows Lazarus to his date
-the date begins pleasantly enough until Lazarus accuses ‘Asian bitch’ of murder in our sanctum, which makes her throw her drink at him and yell that she would never do such a thing
-Lazarus follows her and claims that she stole his wallet (while making it appear in her bag and shrinking his own) = the police is called by the staff (she vehemently denies this)
-Lazarus calls Betty and tells her that she found her murderer – he tells her that Ahri saw her in the past
-Betty pulls Ahri into the Twilight to ask him exactly what he saw when he looked into the past
-Betty brutally murders ‘Asian bitch’ = the police shows up shortly thereafter and is completely baffled by her death
-Lazarus gets mad at Betty for killing the ‘Asian bitch’ = there is a discussion had about treating each other as equals etc…
-Ahri is punted out of the Twilight unceremoniously onto an officer’s lap = he tries to convince them that showing up out of nowhere is absurd
-while home alone, Eve decides to try releasing control of Garcin = he attacks her and she realizes she can’t establish control over him again
-they duke it out like animals and fight until Eve puts up her mage armour and Garcin finds he can’t really hurt her anymore= they come to an agreement of dominance where Eve won’t treat Garcin as an animal
-when Lazarus discovers that Garcin is sentient he insists that he will not live in the same house as him, thus, Eve moves out into a dingy weekly motel
-Foucault blows off steam by going clubbing in a suggestive outfit

March 4, 2012 (Jo's Post)

-one week later
-defenses for our sanctum (now named Deck):

  1. wards – Potency 4, one month, entire sanctum
  2. ghosts – instructed by Lazarus
  3. Garcin – our horrifying dog

-Ahri is still recovering from his trip (appears almost catatonic) – we take him to the hospital
-Eve gets a call from Serendipity: there is a werewolf looking for us
-we head to Dieu du Ciel (drop off Ahri on the way) and find the bar closed
-call Serendipity: Orion answers and refuses to speak with us until we come in so Foucault scries the basement to find Orion holding a knife to Ariel’s throat
-Lazarus calls again: we finally convince Orion to put Serendipity on the phone and she tells us she would like it if he was seriously injured, Lazarus tells her to tell Ariel to close her eyes so that he can cast without paradox
-meanwhile, we see a group of women in formation approaching
-Eve and Lazarus go inside Dieu du Ciel while Foucault waits for the women to arrive outside (keeping a scrying window open)
-before going in Eve buffs Garcin’s strength and Lazarus seals the front door and bulletproofs the windows
-on the inside: after some trouble entering the basement together, Orion demands that he be buffed again or else he will kill Ariel
-Lazarus places a column of silver around Orion and Ariel, and then Eve commands Garcin to intimidate Orion after demonstrating his formidable jaw strength
-Lazarus attempts to intimidate Orion into lowering his eyes but fails…ultimately they come to a deal where Orion cannot seek out Lazarus (or anyone associated with him) or else he will tell his pack that he won leadership through their tricksy magic
-Orion is allowed to leave through the front door where Lazarus dispells his seal
-Ariel takes a great deal of comfort in Garcin
-on the outside: Foucault meets the other werewolf pack in the city, made up entirely of women and led by Tara
-Foucault discovers they don’t like Justin very much, and after some polite conversation they begin playing cat’s cradle (though the women seem tense and ready for a fight)
-when Orion steps out the women pounce on him in their part wolf forms (causes immense panic as a result of lunacy) – they beat him until he is unconscious on the ground and then drag him away = the blood spatter is horrible but there is not much that can be done
-Lazarus and Foucault are covered in blood…they go inside, turn it to dust and sweep it in a corner
-waiting for the police – we make up a convincing story for them
-the police come and interrogate each one of us separately – they take down contact information and such
-after this we go down to the basement and get drunk with Serendipity (Ariel thanks all of us with gratuitous hugs and boob squishing) – from now on when we come to Dieu du Ciel everything is on the house
-when Eve and Lazarus return to the sanctum they find a note on the elevator that a says: “we don’t want it” with an arrow pointing downwards to the necklace = we find no new spells on it as far as wel can see
-upstairs a strange smell emanates from the faucets, after some investigation it is discovered that the plumbing is full of pigshit as is our private water tank is also full of shit
Lazarus dispells this and repairs the water tank
-we discuss booby trapping our hallways and come up with few feasible ideas, nothing really gets implemented
-Lazarus gets Floppy’s email and a sends a ‘peace’ email to Floppy
-a short exchange ensues to comes to nothing as neither side is willing to lose face by admitting defeat in the mage prank war

february 26, 2012 (jo's post)

- the session opens with Atlas taking Minor Arcana to their new sanctum(size 2, wards 4) where Lazarus asks him if killing a mage is “okay”. Atlas explains bans and the role of the Guardians of the Veil in policing the mages. The entrance hallway of the sanctum seem unnaturally unlucky.
- the next day Ariesse visits us to personally thank us for our recent help with the werewolves and the leylines. She gives us a Tired Chain [Lasting, Covert, Prime 2 (conceal aura), Potency 4] as a thank you…this is personally given to Ahri. Lazarus insists that the necklace be placed in a box and hidden away.
- Scrawn comes over to see out new place. He sees that we have approximately 40 ghosts in the place. As Lazarus and Scrawn question them, they discover that most seem to have died by freak accidents. The cabal hypothesizes the deaths to be caused by the unluck in the hallway. Using a variety of mage sights Ahri, Lazarus, and Eve find an unluck “black hole” (Potency 20) that seems to permeate the hallway. (Meanwhile Foucault visits her mother)
- two ghosts distinguish themselves from the crowd:

  • an old woman takes a grandma like interest in Lazarus, she seems to be much like Betty White.
  • a ghost that initially reacts very angrily to his being bound to the sanctum but takes a liking to Lazarus and begins to act as a personal bodyguard.

- meanwhile, we begin to prepare for the upcoming Flesh Fair with our gifts.

  • Foucault – an album of horse pictures at sunset (4 successes), a small ghost stuffy, and a glass of scotch with 2 ice cubes
  • Eve – a small pinto pony (now named Eve), an animal related gift to the dead
  • Lazarus – a wooden, carved horse skull, a toy horse made of cow bone (acquired by Ahri), and a bottle of ectoplasm
  • Ahri – a perfect revolver (acquired by Foucault and Ahri from a shady pawnshop in our territory), and a used deck of cards

- the sin-eater party is eventful:

  • Mephistopheles/Lazarus and Kiel get into an argument which Foucault repeatedly tries to avert by calming Kiel with Emotional Urging, Tabetha eventually sends him upstairs after he asks permission to beat Lazarus up
  • a stoned Scrawn humiliates the two sin eaters who let the Kerebos free by making them walk on their hands and knees, carrying Mephisto. on their back and following the pony around
  • Ahri has a really bad trip
  • Roderick informs us that the ghosts that have followed Lazarus to the party have no anchors
  • Tabetha takes a great liking to Eve because of her gift and takes her to hang out with the “cream of the crop”
  • Foucault socializes and enters Kiel’s subconscious briefly

- upon our return home, Eve notes the box holding the necklace has been tampered with. We find the necklace gone and replaced by a note with a troll face wearing a clown nose – Floppy. It has a resonance like a swirling, spatial illusion.
- Lazarus and Eve discuss protection measures: Eve decided on altered animal guards and Lazarus persuades the ghosts to guard the place because someone is out to harm him – they do so eagerly
- in the morning we discuss joining the Free Council with Ahri to get backing for a potential war, he says “yes”
- we contact White Hat, who thinks our sanctum is unsafe, and we travel to the Free Council Sanctum and join the Order – to a reading of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
- Syntax and White Hat inform us that they will not participate in a war against Ear to Ear, but they will help us defend our territory. They tell us that Floppy’s sanctum is in a burnt out synagogue in Outremont. We decide to go visit.
- we stop on the way at the pound, where Eve picks up a very healthy, large dog: quarter wolf, quarter german shepherd, quarter husky and quarter pitbull. It has an incredibly unpleasant temperament, prone to attacking humans on sight.
- we arrive at the synagogue (found by googling), where we take some time to locate an entrance – found by Lazarus using his magesight. We follow a tunnel to two mirrors facing each other that are trying to pull Lazarus away. Eve tries sending a marmot through, which does not return. Foucault figures out this is termination point of a teleportation spell. Lazarus turns one mirror into water and then folds the other on itself. When the folded mirror drops in the water a spatial anomaly occurs and begins teleporting dirt away. Foucault attempts to counter it and fails. Then Lazarus dispels his water mirror and WE ACCIDENTALLY ALL OF THE THINGS. The space teleported to seems to have basically turned inside out bringing a variety of items and some dead animals (that are not biologically normal).
- the three run out of the tunnel as it fills with dirt/debris and watch the place explode inside out. Foucault notices they are being watched and gets everyone in into the car to drive towards Westmount. There they figure out that it’s the car that is being watched and not Foucault. They leave Eve with the dog on the edge and drive through the shake off the scrying. In Westmount, Foucault suddenly smells rotten sandwiches and regains a willpower, when suddenly a cat (Tuxedo) jumps in the way of the car which Lazarus manages to stop.
- Foucault takes the cat with her and we pick up Eve. Mephisto. notices that something is up with the cat and Eve uses her Spirit Tongue to figure out that Tuxedo is in fact a spirit. Foucault seems uncomfortable with this, but allows Tuxedo to stay despite this.
- they drive to the Free Council, and Syntax redirects them to White Hat at his coffee shop. There we explain to White Hat what we have done. He says we should try and pass this off as a prank so long as no one died. He also advises us to return to our sanctum quickly and prepare ourselves. We do so.
- upon returning we find the 40 ghosts in the elevator channeling Numen into what appears to be a small raptor/dinosaur. Lazarus mercy kills it(the ghosts go crazy over the blood and magic, which makes Foucault throw up) after a debate with Eve, and we ask the ghosts how it came here. They say the same way as Floppy.
- we then take about 3 days to prepare….and the session ends there.


Feb 05

Upon waking the group goes to the consilum with Mom. Seth ingratiate himself with Atlas the administrator of the consilum. Jon introduces himself as the higherarch. Whitehat is named our master. Whitehat, the free council leader, explains about exarchs and oracles and the seers of the throne. The Adamantine Arrow has 12 members, the Guardians of the Veil 8, Silver Ladder 7, Mysterium 7 and the Free Council 4. There are 2 true apostates (those without a cabal at all) Justin, whom we have meet, and Serendipity. Serendipity runs a brewery/tavern. After a Quest to get Whitehat bagels we find out that westmount has a mana draining effect on mages and quickly kills off all active spells. To learn rotes Whitehat brings in the varsity to teach us and to introduce us to some of the more influential members of the consilum. Whitehat also introduces the group to Serendipity.


Jan 29

After Dnd the group goes down to Moms old place to get some of old stuff he left there. Crossing wards against demons that Seth seemed to recognize on every doorway the group is attacked by a gunman! After talking him down he shoots Mom… with the water gun that was placed inside this gun. Seth keeps the gun and Luke takes mom home. The crazy gets provoked by Seth and funny ensues. Tracking the gun leads to Tabatha from past chronicles. She set this situation up as a test for Skrons friends.


Seth looses his finger in his awakening. Paying the ferryman of legend with a peace of himself, a signet ring, and the skull of a rat he carves his name on his dnd litch’s phylactery.

Lukes luck fails him as he keeps trying to save his friend. Try as he might all the hospitals he gets to seem to be on fire. Following a red fox to Arcadia he scribes his names wish a hedge-spun pen.

Lucy finds herself hunting a deer when encountering a spirit (Lazarus familiar) for the first time. Hitting the dear a tree holding a book appears from its corpse. Wolves appear in the tree chasing Lucy up. The wolves jump into her and as she makes it to the top of the tower signs in blood as she flees from the wolves.

M starts hearing the thoughts of others and quickly looses control. Running threw a labyrinth of shadow and light M hits a wall that bends strangely. At a locked door with the shadows collapsing toward her M quickly signs her name on the visitors book.

Pre Chronicle
Pre Chronicle

Jan 22

First Dnd session

A Draco-Aboleth, Drow, Grey elf, and Human dungeon delv a kobol ruin to retrieve Skrons (the humans) ancient sword. It brings the party together! M flirts and embarrassed Skron. Seth spends four weeks on a model of his litch that defies the laws of awesome.

Second Dnd session

Mom has disapeared! Skron is considering suicide, (no longer in the campaign though M is keeping closeish with him). At his house a mysterious stranger named Justin appears asking about Mom. Luke through completely accidental means somehow ended up with his wallet that reveals his name to only be Justin on his drivers licence and strange writings that none can understand! (Atlantian High Speach!) Eventually after much searching Mom was discovered going nuts at his comic shop punching a stand up master chief and stealing about all the Love Hina he could carry. Mom is found with a book made of the prime pages of Love Hina that strangely follow the pattern M..O..M…M..O….M … ect. After takeing him to the hospital Justin seeps to be stalking mom and threw daring and stealth Skron (he showed up to talk to mom) manages to sneak him out using his new found powers as a Sin Eater!


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