Acatalectic, by the end.

Pre Chronicle

Pre Chronicle

Jan 22

First Dnd session

A Draco-Aboleth, Drow, Grey elf, and Human dungeon delv a kobol ruin to retrieve Skrons (the humans) ancient sword. It brings the party together! M flirts and embarrassed Skron. Seth spends four weeks on a model of his litch that defies the laws of awesome.

Second Dnd session

Mom has disapeared! Skron is considering suicide, (no longer in the campaign though M is keeping closeish with him). At his house a mysterious stranger named Justin appears asking about Mom. Luke through completely accidental means somehow ended up with his wallet that reveals his name to only be Justin on his drivers licence and strange writings that none can understand! (Atlantian High Speach!) Eventually after much searching Mom was discovered going nuts at his comic shop punching a stand up master chief and stealing about all the Love Hina he could carry. Mom is found with a book made of the prime pages of Love Hina that strangely follow the pattern M..O..M…M..O….M … ect. After takeing him to the hospital Justin seeps to be stalking mom and threw daring and stealth Skron (he showed up to talk to mom) manages to sneak him out using his new found powers as a Sin Eater!



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