Acatalectic, by the end.

March 4, 2012 (Jo's Post)

-one week later
-defenses for our sanctum (now named Deck):

  1. wards – Potency 4, one month, entire sanctum
  2. ghosts – instructed by Lazarus
  3. Garcin – our horrifying dog

-Ahri is still recovering from his trip (appears almost catatonic) – we take him to the hospital
-Eve gets a call from Serendipity: there is a werewolf looking for us
-we head to Dieu du Ciel (drop off Ahri on the way) and find the bar closed
-call Serendipity: Orion answers and refuses to speak with us until we come in so Foucault scries the basement to find Orion holding a knife to Ariel’s throat
-Lazarus calls again: we finally convince Orion to put Serendipity on the phone and she tells us she would like it if he was seriously injured, Lazarus tells her to tell Ariel to close her eyes so that he can cast without paradox
-meanwhile, we see a group of women in formation approaching
-Eve and Lazarus go inside Dieu du Ciel while Foucault waits for the women to arrive outside (keeping a scrying window open)
-before going in Eve buffs Garcin’s strength and Lazarus seals the front door and bulletproofs the windows
-on the inside: after some trouble entering the basement together, Orion demands that he be buffed again or else he will kill Ariel
-Lazarus places a column of silver around Orion and Ariel, and then Eve commands Garcin to intimidate Orion after demonstrating his formidable jaw strength
-Lazarus attempts to intimidate Orion into lowering his eyes but fails…ultimately they come to a deal where Orion cannot seek out Lazarus (or anyone associated with him) or else he will tell his pack that he won leadership through their tricksy magic
-Orion is allowed to leave through the front door where Lazarus dispells his seal
-Ariel takes a great deal of comfort in Garcin
-on the outside: Foucault meets the other werewolf pack in the city, made up entirely of women and led by Tara
-Foucault discovers they don’t like Justin very much, and after some polite conversation they begin playing cat’s cradle (though the women seem tense and ready for a fight)
-when Orion steps out the women pounce on him in their part wolf forms (causes immense panic as a result of lunacy) – they beat him until he is unconscious on the ground and then drag him away = the blood spatter is horrible but there is not much that can be done
-Lazarus and Foucault are covered in blood…they go inside, turn it to dust and sweep it in a corner
-waiting for the police – we make up a convincing story for them
-the police come and interrogate each one of us separately – they take down contact information and such
-after this we go down to the basement and get drunk with Serendipity (Ariel thanks all of us with gratuitous hugs and boob squishing) – from now on when we come to Dieu du Ciel everything is on the house
-when Eve and Lazarus return to the sanctum they find a note on the elevator that a says: “we don’t want it” with an arrow pointing downwards to the necklace = we find no new spells on it as far as wel can see
-upstairs a strange smell emanates from the faucets, after some investigation it is discovered that the plumbing is full of pigshit as is our private water tank is also full of shit
Lazarus dispells this and repairs the water tank
-we discuss booby trapping our hallways and come up with few feasible ideas, nothing really gets implemented
-Lazarus gets Floppy’s email and a sends a ‘peace’ email to Floppy
-a short exchange ensues to comes to nothing as neither side is willing to lose face by admitting defeat in the mage prank war



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