Acatalectic, by the end.

March 31, 2012 (jo's post)

-there is extended arguing about our role in the rape victim’s pregnancy and our role and responsibility as mages in the world
-Ahri looks into the future and sees that
-in the end Eve and Foucault go speak to the woman and assure her that they are concerned for her well-being
-Ahri arranges to meet the woman at the mail —> he dispels the time spell on her womb
-as the pregnancy progresses, Eve checks on her again = upon noting her concern she suggests an ultra sound —> she explains to her that she may die during the pregnancy and that the child is deformed
-the woman opts to keep the child and Eve helps deliver it successfully with Life magic at home= child goes into intensive care shortly after its birth
-consilum = Foucault shields everyone’s emotional auras before going
-there is mention of Cadere going missing at the meeting, but our cabal behaves as if nothing has happened (?)
-at the consilum, Ahri gets a call of a bombing/explosion/accident in a children’s park = he goes there immediately and looks into the past to see the demon exploding from the ground and pushed back by The Widow and Justin without paradox
-at the end of the meeting we see ‘Asian bitch’ speaking to Atlas = Lazarus hits on her and asks her out on date —> they meet up the next night at a restaurant (Foucault storms off upset with Lazarus)
-Ahri follows Lazarus to his date
-the date begins pleasantly enough until Lazarus accuses ‘Asian bitch’ of murder in our sanctum, which makes her throw her drink at him and yell that she would never do such a thing
-Lazarus follows her and claims that she stole his wallet (while making it appear in her bag and shrinking his own) = the police is called by the staff (she vehemently denies this)
-Lazarus calls Betty and tells her that she found her murderer – he tells her that Ahri saw her in the past
-Betty pulls Ahri into the Twilight to ask him exactly what he saw when he looked into the past
-Betty brutally murders ‘Asian bitch’ = the police shows up shortly thereafter and is completely baffled by her death
-Lazarus gets mad at Betty for killing the ‘Asian bitch’ = there is a discussion had about treating each other as equals etc…
-Ahri is punted out of the Twilight unceremoniously onto an officer’s lap = he tries to convince them that showing up out of nowhere is absurd
-while home alone, Eve decides to try releasing control of Garcin = he attacks her and she realizes she can’t establish control over him again
-they duke it out like animals and fight until Eve puts up her mage armour and Garcin finds he can’t really hurt her anymore= they come to an agreement of dominance where Eve won’t treat Garcin as an animal
-when Lazarus discovers that Garcin is sentient he insists that he will not live in the same house as him, thus, Eve moves out into a dingy weekly motel
-Foucault blows off steam by going clubbing in a suggestive outfit



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