Acatalectic, by the end.



Jan 29

After Dnd the group goes down to Moms old place to get some of old stuff he left there. Crossing wards against demons that Seth seemed to recognize on every doorway the group is attacked by a gunman! After talking him down he shoots Mom… with the water gun that was placed inside this gun. Seth keeps the gun and Luke takes mom home. The crazy gets provoked by Seth and funny ensues. Tracking the gun leads to Tabatha from past chronicles. She set this situation up as a test for Skrons friends.


Seth looses his finger in his awakening. Paying the ferryman of legend with a peace of himself, a signet ring, and the skull of a rat he carves his name on his dnd litch’s phylactery.

Lukes luck fails him as he keeps trying to save his friend. Try as he might all the hospitals he gets to seem to be on fire. Following a red fox to Arcadia he scribes his names wish a hedge-spun pen.

Lucy finds herself hunting a deer when encountering a spirit (Lazarus familiar) for the first time. Hitting the dear a tree holding a book appears from its corpse. Wolves appear in the tree chasing Lucy up. The wolves jump into her and as she makes it to the top of the tower signs in blood as she flees from the wolves.

M starts hearing the thoughts of others and quickly looses control. Running threw a labyrinth of shadow and light M hits a wall that bends strangely. At a locked door with the shadows collapsing toward her M quickly signs her name on the visitors book.



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